Patent 8327908

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Sectional folding up garage door


The design is intended for use in garages for opening and closing openings. This model is made in accordance with US Pat. No. 8,327,908 and is based on the key clauses of the claims. The design has four sections that are folded like an accordion, which ensures a substantial compactness of the structure. Additional advantages also include: a small headroom opening, high opening speed of 5-8 seconds, no ropes and torsion springs, which significantly reduces the cost of low maintenance and provides a longer service life. The model is simple in design, therefore, reliable in operation and inexpensive in mass production.



Four sections fold up compactly like an accordion


The major differences from the traditional model will attract customers interest


The use of a rubber belt provides quick opening, quiet operation and long service life


Easy to build in the garage doorway; do not take up space under the ceiling; silent, fast, reliable

Cooperation offers

  • Sale
  • Decent price for the patent will allow you to become the owner of the invention, and independently receive all income from the upcoming long-term business.
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  • Prototype
  • We are looking for a company, that according to our drawings, will create a commercial prototype of 4-sectional doors. Documentation is available via the link below. We are waiting for your offers!
  • Investment
  • We are at the beginning stage of the project. We need funds to establish a commercial prototype. In return, we offer a percantage from the startup .
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Information on invention

Patent US 8327908:

Patent 8327908

Patent US 8327908



A working prototype of 6-sectional doors in action is shown in this video. The world's first model built by the formulas of invention. As you can see, the invention works, but the design can be improved. That's how the idea of 4-sectional model was born. First, we reduced the number of sections, whichgreatly simplified, and hence reduced the cost of the design. The compactness was not harmed though. Second, we decided to get rid of the wires, and instead used a reinforced rubber belt. That is how we got a previously unseen qualities - fast opening, quiet operation mechanisms and longer service life. The reliable technology of the automobile engine's belt was used for the garage doors !

All these advantages can compete with the traditional model of the doors. We are looking to build a commercial prototype, that will break the ground for the mass production.

Now it is our initial task, because the market of sectional doors in the US is approximately $1B! There is something to fight for, and we are planning to capture 10% of the market, and it is $ 100M!

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